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The ultimate source for free daily betting tips (soccer mainly, but also basketball, tennis, motorcycling, etc.) through statistical analysis and logic from people that started betting a long time ago.

Small bets for better results

I started betting on soccer with a small capital, which meant that I could not allocate 20€ for each, more or less risky (say 1.80), match. This is the main reason why I started with aggregators (9-14 events) and specialised in winning a reasonable amount of money by betting only 2€ at a time.
There is no denying it: the percentual of success with multiples is much lower than single events, but it is in my opinion totally worth it from the financial point of view.

What will you find on this website?

In the page “Prediction” you will find every day a new post (indicated by the date) which is divided into two main blocks. The first one is usually the multiple bet/s (depending on how many matches are played), while in the second one you will find a few single-event bets (>1.80) rated from 1 to 5 (1=very risky, 5=relatively safe) and a suggestion on how to distribute your capital among them.
In the page “Bet of the day” you can find the daily single-event bet (>1.50) with the highest degree of confidence.

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