About Us

I am a Mathematics PhD with a decennial experience in soccer betting, especially in the “mainstream” championships (Serie A/B, LaLiga 1/2, Bundesliga 1/2, Eredivisie, Premier League/Championship, Primerira Liga, Ligue 1/2, Jupiler League, etc.)

I have always played with multiple bets rather than single-event ones because 2 euro every once in a while is much more sustainable if you start with a small capital. I mainly play for the fun of it (otherwise I would not be making aggregators with 12/13 games), but I began to win more frequently, and I figured why not share my way of playing with everyone else?

I do usually fail for one/two games out of 10/13, so I encourage you to remove and modify the aggregators I (try to) post each and every day and wish you good luck.

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